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What is U KarKa?

U Kar Ka is a Myanmar export company which is introducing the healthiest and most hygienic Laphat and Myanmar Tea to the World. It been an established traditional organic Myanmar tea company since 1928. Our business model is based on meeting the needs of the Myanmar people, and providing the best quality Myanmar Tea and Laphat at the most affordable prices. To do this we offer different types of dried and pickled tea, and use a combination of wholesale and retail marketing strategies to get our products to the people.

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Our Products

U Kar Ka, a Myanmar Export company, offers a range of exceptional products that customers can enjoy for all occasions, at home, and on the go

To provide some examples, Zayan Chin Tea, one of our best-selling Myanmar Tea, was processed in the Zayan region with age-old techniques. Its tea leaves a tangy refreshing taste on your tongue followed by a sweet aroma that lingers in your mouth after consumption. We also have our own Jasmine Tea, which is carefully selected and blended to perfection. Other popular products include Hlaw Thin, a premium Burmese tea that gives off a sweet roasted aroma.

Zayan Chin Myanmar Tea

Being a Responsible Export Company

Here at U Kar Ka, we believe in the importance of building a great,
enduring Myanmar export company that strikes a balance between perpetual growth and social conscience.
We respect the potential that Myanmar green tea or laphet has and
how it can bring growth for the farmers and tea growers in our country.

Our Core Values

Listening to the needs of our customers and treating them with respect

- U KarKa Company -

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